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The Jamaica Music Conference (JMC) is a four-day event where attendees experience multiple facets of Jamaica’s dynamic music industry. The JMC features a variety of intensive and relevant panel discussions, topic-focused breakout sessions, artist showcase, and networking opportunities with Industry insiders and veterans. 

Junior Reid Guest Speaker at Jamaica Music Conference


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Junior Reid Guest Speaker at Jamaica Music Conference

Kwasi Bonsu

( -- November 25, 2014) Kingston, Jamaica -- Reggae Legend Junior Reid was a guest speaker at the Jamaica Music Conference in Neville Hall at the University of the West Indies. The mission of the conference was “To provide a platform for independent music professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities available in the Jamaica music industry and to propose solutions to these issues, and to discuss tools for success.”

The conference was a 3 day event with panel discussions, performances, crafts on display and heated discussions! Over 23 sponsors and many volunteers came together to coordinate and host the event. The event ended with Junior Reid giving a big “Bless up, Jah Rastafari, King Selassie I.” the crowd repeated the phrase with him and the room roared with encouragement as their new knowledge will help them in their careers. “The event was a huge success.

The topics were very interesting and the list of experts was so broad that they were able to cover a lot of topics;” says a participant. Events such as these are needed in Jamaica as the artists continue to strive to learn new ways to promote themselves and push out their music locally and internationally.

“I was thrilled to be part of the event. I was honored to be chosen as a guest speaker. I told my story of my record label JR Productions, my time with Black Uhuru and the struggles and triumphs I’ve had in my career. My aim was to show an the participants that it is possible to achieve great success as an independent artist,” says Junior Reid.

Reid also continued on to say “I look forward to attending the conference next year. The organizers did a great job. We need more events like this one for our artists. Next year there will be no seats in the room, every artist on the island will be knocking down the doors to get in.” More information on the Jamaica Music Conference can be found on or Facebook page

About Jamaica Music Conference

The Jamaica Music Conference began in 2012 at University of the West Indies as a panel discussion to mark the launch of the Mighty Mizizi Music Company. The Jamaica Music Conference has now evolved into a three-day music event featuring a two-day panel discussion, artist showcase, and community service day. In 2014 the Jamaica Music Conference continues its mission to provide a platform for independent music professionals, to discuss the challenges and opportunities available in the Jamaican music industry, and propose solutions to these issues, and tools for success. In addition, the JMC provides conference attendees with education, resources, and networking opportunities with established and experienced industry professionals.

Jamaica Music Conference

University of the West Indies Kingston, Kingston Jamaica

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