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The Jamaica Music Conference (JMC) is a four-day event where attendees experience multiple facets of Jamaica’s dynamic music industry. The JMC features a variety of intensive and relevant panel discussions, topic-focused breakout sessions, artist showcase, and networking opportunities with Industry insiders and veterans. 



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These booking agents will provide critical information to enhance the marketing of your band/artist in a competitive international touring marketplace.



STEP 1   

        PURCHASE one or more tickets to a Jamaica Music Conference 2017 event
        (free events do not qualify as a purchase). You are required to show your proof of
        purchase as a part of your submission (instructions in Step 2). 

STEP 2    

        COMPLETE the electronic entry form below. Your proof of purchase should
        be included in the entry form. You will be unable to submit your entry form
        without a valid proof of purchase. Once your submission has been received and approved you             will be sent and promo code that you will need to complete Step 4.   

Name *

   STEP 3

        CREATE an artist/band electronic promotional kit using

        SIGN-UP for a Free account, use the JMC Promocode to extend the term of the OnePageLink               account; include the following info in the EPK and send link in the form below. 

    You promotional kit should include

  • Artist biography (250 - 300 words)

  • Youtube links/ URL’s for your videos (if available)

  • Soundcloud links/ URL’s to your songs (required)

  • Promo pictures

STEP 4    

      SEND the URL link to your completed OnePageLink EPK below.

Artist Name *
Artist Name

STEP 5    

       Once the link to your promotional kit has been received, if you are selected, you
       will receive notification and will be assigned a booking agent for a 45 minute
       consultation during the Jamaica Music Conference 2017.

       You must be 18 years of age or older to enter this contest.

*The Jamaica Music Conference (JMC)  may from time to time partner with third parties and services received and/or purchased on third party websites are not refundable by JMC for any reason.  JMC does not endorse or have any relationship with any third party unless expressly stated nor does JMC provide any form of warranty for services provided by third parties.

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